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Marcos Rojo: what everybody else is saying

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You want information? We have information.

Dennis Grombkowski

Assuming he passes the impending medical, Marcos Rojo will be a Manchester United player before the end of the day. Chances are, what with his career having been spent in the Argentine, Portuguese and (briefly) Russian leagues, plenty of you won't have seen much of him beyond last summer's World Cup. (This is a roundabout way of at least one aspect of tBB admitting, well, precisely that.)

But never fear! To accompany our introductory piece here, we have also been scouring the internet to bring you yet further precious nuggets of information about United's new signing. And here are the things that that the internet had to say:

1. He will cost €20m

Or £16m, or $26m, or 849m Thai baht. That's according to the official statement from Sporting, which breaks the deal down into €10m now, then two further instalments of €5m. To be perfectly honest, a transfer window that's seen Shane Long move for £12m has completely shattered tBB's idea of what does and doesn't constitute a decent fee, so we're just going to shrug.

2. He might be quite good

At least, that's according to journalist Tor-Kristian Karlsen, former director of football for Monaco and one of those people who seem to be taken seriously be all the people who seem themselves to be taken seriously. Er, if that makes sense.

3. Or he might be a bit rubbish

As Tim Vickery, the BBC's South American football correspondent and accidental World Cup hype mantold Talksport:

Louis van Gaal is clearly thinking in terms of having a back three in his armoury and he might think Marcos Rojo ticks the boxes as someone who can play at left-back, can play centre-back, and therefore would be comfortable left-side of a back three. But two months ago, certainly before the World Cup, no one really imagined Rojo as a player of Manchester United's calibre. He did well in the World Cup and his market value has obviously risen as a result, but I'm having to get it round my head a little bit the idea he might be wearing the United shirt because, certainly until recently, I didn't really see him as that calibre of player.

4. He doesn't give a flying one

You've seen the rabona clearance by now, so here's the Arjen Robben nutmeg. More of this please.

5. He has lots and lots of tattoos

Including two on his legs, which respectively read 'Pride' and 'Glory'. We at tBB would like to formally encourage other footballers to name their legs.

6. Diego Simeone likes him ...

From FourFourTwo:

Rojo won the hearts of the Argentines at the World Cup. He was very good both attacking and defending. [Alejandro] Sabella put his trust in him and he responded really well. He had an excellent World Cup and was the best left-back among the four semi-finalists.

7. ... but referees do not ...

Two seasons in Portugal, 27 yellow cards, five reds.

8. ... and nor, perhaps, does Sergio Aguero.

9. He, meanwhile, likes Counterstrike

Or at least he used to, assuming this Steam profile is in fact him and not just some big Marcos Rojo fan. As a piece of thrilling investigative journalism this doesn't rival the great unearthing of Andy Carroll's old Bebo page, but hey, we can only work with what we have.