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Herrera, Rojo, Shaw, Fellaini all out for Sunderland clash

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Things are looking rather bleak ahead of our trip to Sunderland, with Ander Herrera having picked up an injury and Marcos Rojo unavailable due to work permit issues.

Alex Livesey

If Marcos Rojo signing for the club had given us any newfound sense of optimism, it's time to dash it once again. He won't be eligible to participate in Sunday's trip to Sunderland, and even worse, Ander Herrera is out injured too.

Shaw and Fellaini are of course still unavailable, so the available squad looks a bit of a disaster. Fortunately, Robin van Persie and Jonny Evans may be available to play, along with, possibly, Rafael.

Nonetheless, a pairing of Darren Fletcher with either Tom Cleverley or Anderson looks likely. Chris Smalling is also going to feature in defence while our left-back will be someone daft who can't defend. Arturo Vidal is also probably not going to be available for the game, according to special tBB sources. Aren't we lucky? Isn't this fun? What a good job we got given such an easy early run so that Van Gaal could build up a head of confidence so early.