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Shinji Kagawa rejoins Borussia Dortmund

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And so ends the Japanese midfielder's underwhelming spell in the Premier League.

Michael Regan

Borussia Dortmund have confirmed the signing of Shinji Kagawa from Manchester United. The Japanese midfielder returns to the club from which he joined the Red Devils back in 2012, for a miserably meagre fee apparently in the region of £6 million.

When he arrived at Old Trafford, Kagawa looked like a genuinely world class player in the making. Technically superb; a fine passer; a goalscoring threat. Or so we were led to believe. In actual fact, Kagawa's time at United was distinctly unimpressive, with none of said attributes ever manifesting themselves at Old Trafford.

Certainly, his underperformance has something to do with the way in which he was deployed. The wing-play of Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes left him without any real role in the starting lineup, and the directness of both managers was very different to the intricate final-third game Jürgen Klopp's team play in Dortmund. But his lack of adaptation was as big an issue as the tactics of the United managers.

While United fans would no doubt he happy to see him performing well in Dortmund, there are few who'll be too sad about seeing him leave.