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Manchester United make stunning late bid for Falcao

Manchester United have made a stunning late bid for Falcao, according to RMC in France.

Michael Regan

Well, things look like they're about to get very interesting. I'm pretty sure we're all desperately wanting a midfielder or defender to come in before the deadline ends, but according to the fairly-reliable RMC in France, Manchester United are moving for Falcao.

This time, the news is brought to you with actual translation rather than just relying on Google, as the one of TBB who lives in Paris can use his "marlboro light, s'il vous plait" powers to give you the scoop. According to RMC, then, Manchester United are interested in making a late move for Falcao.

RMC state that it's Manchester City who are enquiring about the state of his knee, but that United have got in touch with Jorge Mendes over the past few hours to enquire. Other clubs interested are Juventus, who are unlikely because they don't want to stump up such a huge amount of money, and Valencia, although RMC suggest the interest there may not be concrete.

All very interesting. A massive risk, and a player we're not exactly in desperate need of, but another world-class star is not to be sniffed at. Keep posted to TBB tomorrow, we could be in for just as wild a ride as the last time.