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United chasing several transfers on deadline day - Live coverage

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Manchester United look like they could well be involved in deadline day once again, and we'll be covering it live throughout the day on this StoryStream.

Shaun Botterill

Manchester United look like they could be involved in several deals as transfer deadline day beckons, with a few rumours persisting that the club will move for a target or two as time runs out.

Nigel de Jong and Arturo Vidal are two notable ones linked, while there was also a shock rumour of Falcao doing the rounds in France last night.

Personally, while it's probably been a transfer window most of us would have taken if offered, we'd be a touch disappointed were we not to get another defender or midfielder in, as we've still looked pretty shocking in those positions. Vidal would be the ideal, but De Jong would do us quite nicely.

William Carvalho is another rumours, more on which very soon. We might not have the utter insanity that was last deadline day, but it's sure to be fairly wild regardless. Sit down and strap up, there's a storm coming.