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United announce third summer signing under Van Gaal

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Manchester United have completed the transfer of Vanja Milnkovic from FK Vojvodina.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

A win against Liverpool, and now a new signing. Louis, you really are spoiling us.

Of course, the signing itself isn't that exciting. It's the young goalkeeper we'd mentioned having agreed terms a while back, Vanja Milinkovic, and he's now confirmed as having signed for United. He'll stay with Vojvodina for now, but it'll be a while before we'd expect to see him anywhere near the team anyway.

As for other, bigger signings, the word seems to be that Van Gaal, having returned to Manchester, will now make his decisions and inform players of whether or not they'll be in his plans. After which he'll pursue any replacements or upgrades that he thinks he needs.

As for specific names, there haven't been too many noises. The Vidal rumours continue to swirl, but there's been very little concrete to suggest anyone else, as seems to be United's modus operandi these days. They're more than happy to tell us we could afford to buy whoever we want though, so there's that.