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Chile manager speaks out on "United's $80m Vidal transfer", explains holdup

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Chile manager Jorge Sampaoli has spoken to Chilean newspaper El Mercurio about the national team, and mentioned Arturo Vidal's potential move to Manchester United.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

, Another day, another Vidal story. This time the Chile manager, Jorge Sampaoli, has been getting in on the fun, and he spoke of an $80m move to Manchester United.

Not a potential transfer, just a transfer. So the downside? He said that he believes "the main problem in Vidal's $80m transfer to Manchester United is Louis van Gaal's doubt about the improvement of his knee."

So, going in quite big on that, with a fee and everything. The knee problem has been one recurring feature of the transfer saga, with United reportedly trying to organise a sort of pre-medical before agreeing a fee to see the extent of the damage. Something which we still don't know about, or if it ever took place.

Vidal is currently on tour with Juventus, but the midfielder wasn't named in their squad for today. There's not too much to be read into that given his injury recovery, but it looks like this is still one to watch.