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Arsenal confirm United bid for Vermaelen

Arsène Wenger has confirmed Manchester United have made a bid for Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen.

Michael Regan

Well, aren't things developing quickly? This morning, we learned that United are reportedly prepared to outbid Barcelona for the services of Arsenal's unhappying, non-playing captain Thomas Vermaelen. And this afternoon, straight from the mouth of le Professeur himself, we learn that United have, in fact, made a bid for the Gunners' captain:

The good news: if United actually end up signing Vermaelen, they'll have an experienced leader who's probably more capable in a back three than he is in a back two -- if only by virtue of having an extra defender behind him to sweep up. The bad news: Vermaelen isn't that good, and Mats Hummels sounds an infinitely more attractive prospect.