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[VIDEO] James Wilson scores incredible FOUR goals against Manchester City reserves

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Manchester United's reserves were taking on their Manchester City counterparts tonight, and James Wilson was involved. He scored four goals. Here they are.

Alex Livesey

James Wilson didn't get on the Manchester United tour, for reasons of which we are unaware, but he's been in the reserves instead and he's continued to impress. Tonight, he scored a hat-trick against Manchester City and their Elite Development Squad, if they're still called that, we can't be bothered to look it up and would be depressed if they'd changed it to something sensible.

Anyway, here are some videos of the goals.

Number one.

Number two.

Number three and number four.

So, pretty good, then. Frankly, to the six eyes of the cerberine beast that is TBB, Wilson looks far too good to be loitering around in the reserves next season. In fact, he looks like he might already be a better option than Javier Hernandez, since he can not only score goals and run fast but also do so with the ball at his feet. We might have a real player heres