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Fiorentina president confirms Juan Cuadrado interest

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Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle has strongly hinted that Juan Cuadrado could be on his way out of the club.

Warren Little

Colombia World Cup star Juan Cuadrado looks like he could be heading out of Fiorentina this summer.

An article on the website of Italian transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio quoted the club's president Andrea Della Valle as saying:

"I asked Cuadrado to stay, but I'm not optimist. If some important offers arrive, we'll have to let him go. We set the deadline to decide about it on August 15th, if the offers we have in mind will arrive, it will be impossible to keep him."

August 15th. That gives United exactly a week to lodge a bid. Get on it, Ed.

For the uninitiated, Cuadrado has been one of the stars of Serie A over the last couple of seasons. The tricky Colombian has proven himself adept on both flanks and in all positions on them, including in a wing-back role not dissimilar to what he'd play if he actually joined United.

Cuadrado is extremely quick and very skilful, and certainly not afraid to take on his opposite number. His crossing is usually accurate, and over the last season he even added a lethal finishing ability to his other attributes. At this moment, he's pretty much everything Antonio Valencia isn't, and almost everything United could want on their right side.

The bad news: Bayern Munich are said to be strongly interested too.