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Real Madrid hint Javier Hernandez could sign in the next 24 hours

Javier Hernandez could leave Manchester United for Real Madrid on transfer deadline day.

Alex Livesey

Javier Hernandez looks increasingly likely to leave Manchester United, and one possible destination could be Real Madrid, it seems:

No denial there, and Real are desperate for some backup to Karim Benzema. It seems likely he's going to leave, at any rate - his limitations make him only of use as an impact sub, and he's shown that he doesn't want to play that role for his whole career. So, fair enough. He was a very important player for us while he was here, but his time is surely up now.

Whether that's wise, to have two misfiring strikers in Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, in a two-striker system, with Danny Welbeck also possibly off, we couldn't possibly say. There's James Wilson, but he can hardly be relied upon. Or we suppose, the Falcao-to-Manchester-United rumours could be true...