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Welbeck's agent says he wants a permanent move to Arsenal?

Danny Welbeck's agent has stated that the striker wants a permanent move away from Manchester United, possibly to Arsenal.

Michael Regan

Oh, Danny. We love you, and you loved us, but you refused to get that little extra something that could've made a situation like this not completely insane (although it still is a bit mental - why are we strengthening our rivals?) and now you've made it worse.

Ideally, Welbeck leaving for Arsenal and coming back to us improved would be more than bearable. But a permanent deal, to a team that is directly competing with us and is in sore need of a striker? We're not sure about this one suddenly, and frankly feel a little queasy. We'll see how this develops, because it might be a long day. Some are suggesting he's having a medical at Arsenal right now, others aren't so sure....