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Wayne Rooney makes peace with Alex Ferguson

Yesterday at Old Trafford, a hatchet was buried. Not in anybody's back.

Jamie McDonald

Wayne Rooney seems to be growing into this captaincy gig. Or at least, trying to. First he's begun arranging personal consultations with England players, the better to connect with his servants and minions, and now he's come over all forgiving towards Alex Ferguson.

Speaking to MUTV, United's No. 10 had nothing but praise for the man who claimed that Rooney twice asked to leave the club, and lost both form and fitness:

I'm grateful to him for having the faith to bring me in from Everton. I think he's an incredible person and manager, the way you see his desire for the game. Sir Alex is the best manager there's been and for him to recognise my talent and want me to join this club was a great honour for me.

Then he got all nostalgic.

He drove me over [to Old Trafford], just the two of us in his car. I remember being nervous but he was great and made me feel comfortable. He certainly helped me a lot and helped us all. At the time, I came into the squad as a young lad and there were a few other young lads. He brought all that together and made us world club champions.

Of all the things tBB was expecting from Rooney this season -- some goals, some shouting, some flapping of arms -- a sudden explosion of wistfulness wasn't really among them. But then ... oh, hang on. "Best manager there's been"? Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. That's not going to go down well ...