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Revealed: Manchester United's January shopping list

Manchester United will continue to spend heavily in January to improve their squad, according to the Guardian.

Lennart Preiss

I think we can all agree that was a pretty fun and successful transfer window, if not a perfect one. But we might not have to wait too long until the next splurge, if Jamie Jackson of the Guardian is to be believed.

According to Jackson, in a piece which you can read here, the club will continue to spend in January, with Louis van Gaal desperate to land Kevin Strootman, while we will also try again for Mats Hummels, although consider that a more likely prospect for next summer.

That's the only two targets suggested - but both are very high quality. Arturo Vidal is only mentioned in the context of us having decided not to move for him, although with the move for Strootman depending on how well he recovers from his knee injury, if Vidal gets back and firing fully by then, it might not be too sure who we move for.