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Leicester City 5-3 Manchester United: player ratings

Beating the players with sticks. Metaphorical sticks. Sadly.

Clive Rose

David de Gea: 0

Nothing much that could be done about the first goal or the penalties, but the suspicion is that he might have done better on the other two. Is acquiring a peculiar habit of watching shots go past him. That said, could hardly be blamed for the chaos ahead of him: yes, goalkeepers have to organise the defence, but some things defy organisation. Distribution was mixed, as ever.

Rafael: 0

Oh, Rafael. Going forward, while he wasn't as impressive as against QPR, he still did okay providing support and thrust down the right. In defence, though, he committed two mistakes. The first was to award himself a free kick he thought he should have had; the second was to give Jamie Vardy the chance to throw himself to the floor. Yes, the referee got both decisions wrong, but that's no excuse for being thick.

Jonny Evans: 0

At what point does getting injured stop being unfortunate and start being just the usual way of things? Left while United were winning, which perhaps exculpates him from some blame, though what he thought he was doing for Leonardo Ulloa's bullet header remains a mystery.

Tyler Blackett: 0

Weak in the air and mindless on the ground for the penalty that saw him dismissed. Of course, it's not his fault that he's having to start games despite being the least senior defender in the squad, nor that those next to him are generally either injuring themselves or playing like buffoons.

Marcos Rojo: 0

Some questionable decision making at leftback, both in the first half when Jamie Vardy beat him to a bouncing ball to set up the first goal, then for the fourth when he played the ball to a double-marked Mata. Should have scored with a point-blank header from a corner.

Daley Blind: 0

His performance mirrored that of the side: tidy enough when on top, ragged and peculiar once things started falling to pieces. Those that feel he doesn't have it in him to truly dominate the midfield may feel vindicated, and while much of Leicester's attacking went over rather than through him, he still played his part in the abject surrender of possession that cued up the collapse.

Ander Herrera: 0

Diverted an Angel di Maria shot neatly for United's third, which should have been the cue for Herrera and colleagues to close the game down. It wasn't.

Angel di Maria: 8

Scored an absolutely gorgeous goal, set up another for Herrera, and generally looked terrifying . Presumably, his withdrawal was fitness related, because if it was tactical then it's arguably the worst substitution of all time.

Wayne Rooney: 0

Oh, captain. Why captain? Quite where the persistent notion that Rooney can make play comes from is unclear, but he gave an able demonstration as to why he can't today. Always needing that extra touch, forever over- or under-hitting the ball, it was genuinely surprising that he didn't ruin Di Maria's goal. But then, that's what he does. Needles of competence, lost in haystacks of mediocrity.

Radamel Falcao: 0

A lovely cross for Van Persie's goal and a decent effort that hit the bar in the second half, but he is clearly still rusty after his disrupted preseason.

Robin van Persie: 0

Good to see him get off the mark for the season, even if it did come via a deflection. Looked a little ponderous in the second half, and it was something of a surprise to see him complete 90 minutes.

Chris Smalling: 0

One limps off, another limps on. Just back from injury, Smalling was a like for like replacement for Jonny Evans ... in that he didn't look particularly convincing at any point.

Juan Mata: 0

Lost the ball weakly for Leicester's ... third? Fourth? They're all starting to blur together. Still, who wouldn't be feeling a bit put out after being told by their manager that Rooney was the better option at No. 10?

Adnan Januzaj: n/a

Luckily for him, he barely touched the ball, and so escapes blameless.