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Manchester United target "not for sale", say Roma

According to the Italian club, Dutch midfielder Kevin Strootman will not be moving to Old Trafford.

Paolo Bruno

What better to take your mind off recent events than a nice, juicy transfer rumour? Okay, it's nothing new -- Kevin Strootman again -- and it's nothing good, but if we've learned anything from recent events, it's that Woodwards can't be choosers. And we are all Woodwards now. Or something. This introduction has sort of drifted, hasn't it?

Let's get back on track. Roma's general director Mauro Baldissoni has been loudly and stridently denying that Strootman is going anywhere. Again. In unambiguous, clearcut terms:

We can't wait until Kevin is back on the pitch. We miss him a lot, but he is getting closer to his return. We are proud that Kevin is part of our squad and he is not for sale.

So that's that. Pay no attention to the fact that a price tag/opening figure for negotiations of £60m is floating around. Nor to the rumours that either Juan Mata or Marouane Fellaini may be sent to Rome as makeweights. Nothing is happening. Nothing is going to happen. Not for sale. The currently-Strootmanless Roma are, incidentally, top of Serie A with 3 wins from 3.