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Manchester United increasingly certain to sign Ronaldo as Manchester City pull out - reports

Manchester United will have to pay £140m to sign Cristiano Ronaldo if widespread reports are to be believed, but it looks like they'll be the only team in for him.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Manchester United will have to pay £140m to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, according to widespread reports in the UK media.

Of course, that's not the transfer fee, which is £60m, and will include wages too. While we welcome the addition of factoring in wages for the cost of a player, we would suggest that it be used for all transfer stories, rather than only United ones as seems to be the case at the moment (see Falcao and Di Maria.)

Additionally, Mark Ogden in the Telegraph states that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain were also sounded out, but both are reluctant to go in for him for a variety of reasons. Which means that it looks like this one is actually going ahead.

TBB's opinion on the matter is that anybody criticising such a move for almost any reason is a certifiable loon, should you be interested. Should we or should we not sign the greatest player in the world? Is that ever a hard question?