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Van Persie reveals "confronting" squad meeting

Manchester United's players have been asking one another hard questions. Like "shall we do some defending?"

Mike Hewitt

Remember how, after the Leicester game, you sat down and tried to work out what the hell had happened? TBB certainly did. And it turns out we weren't the only ones: according to Robin van Persie, the players were having their own inquest into the King Power Katastrophe. He told Fox Sports News:

It shouldn't be possible. But it still happened. We have to deal with it. We had a proper look at it next day. Sometimes it was a bit confronting and it was a long meeting. One hour [or] something.

And what did they discover? Well, they discovered that this wasn't just a question of defensive cock-ups ...

When you look at the defensive mistakes, it starts somewhere else. That's where we looked at as well. It's not just the one mistake which happens. There's a mistake before the mistake and before the mistake, maybe positional wise. Everyone knows where we have to improve.

So ... what you're saying, Robin, is that the entire team is dysfunctional? Well, that's good.

We went from there, started again this week [and have put] a couple of really good sessions in. Everyone feels ready to face West Ham.

Oh good. Because it's tomorrow. So you'd better be.