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Marcos Rojo granted work permit

Manchester United's new No. 5 will finally be able to play football for the club.

Simon Hofmann

Good news, folks. Manchester United's newest defender, Marcos Rojo, who has been trapped in bureaucratic limbo since completing his move to Manchester United, has been granted a visa. As such, he will be eligible for selection for United's next game, against Queens Park Rangers on September 14.

See? Told you.

The press initially reported that the delay was due to the complexities of the third-party ownership deals that were in place at his previous club, Sporting. However, the BBC have since claimed that Rojo is at the centre of a criminal investigation ack in Argentina, which has delayed the visa application process. The incident in question -- an "alleged altercation" between the player and a neighbour -- took place four years ago, and Rojo's lawyer has stated that he expects the issue to resolved before a trial.

Which means, given United's start to the season, that he'll be in prison before Christmas. Rojo, incidentally, has been keeping himself busy in international week, and started for Argentina in their 4-2 win over new world champions Germany. Some bloke called Angel di Maria had quite a good game.