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United plan to buy an £80m player every season for a decade - report

Manchester United's transfer policy will allow them to buy stars every season for a decade, according to reports.

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Mike Ehrmann

"A Luis Suarez a year" is perhaps the most unpalatable sales pitch we've ever heard, but thankfully it's meant only figuratively. That's what the Telegraph claim is the crux of our transfer policy for the next decade going ahead.

Given how the last window went, we may scoff at the notion the club is thinking more than ten days into the future, let alone ten years, but according to Jason Burt of the Telegraph, that's how we plan to approach the future. With the capability of buying one world-class player a year.

Some fans have rather lamented the fact that we appear to be approaching a Real Madrid-style transfer strategy, although with a solid team in hand, one world-class player a year is probably the best way to keep improving a side. We'll need that team first, of course, but a Real Madrid-esque transfer policy is better than the Everton-esque transfer policy which was the hallmark of the latter-day Fergie years.

As long as we don't get the actual Suarez, we're mostly OK with this.