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Injury crisis easing as another United player returns to training

Manchester United's Brazilian rightback has declared himself fit for selection.

Clive Mason

Slowly but surely, Manchester United are getting closer to having a decent Premier League squad available. The latest to return from the wilderness is adorable rightback Rafael, who this morning told the world via Instagram that he was feeling nostalgic ...

All together now: "awwww ..."/"oh God, I feel so old ..."

Anyway, more interesting for United fans will have been the caption, with rather helpfully doesn't embed. But it reads: "5 years a go young skinny rafael good memories. Back in training ready to help. Let's goo". Which is excellent timing indeed, as tBB isn't sure how much longer it can take the sight of Antonio Valencia lining up at right wingback.

Despite Phil Jones's departure from England's game with an apparent hamstring injury, the return of Rafael along with Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw mean we might be quite close to discovering exactly who is in Louis van Gaal's first XI. Certainly, it's been a while since United have had anything like the selection dilemmas that will arise this Sunday. Options! Choices! New signings! Notable players being left on the bench! We could get used to this.