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We see you Louis, twitchin' that ass

Apparently, playing four at the back makes Louis van Gaal ... uncomfortable. At the back.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Here's Manchester United's manager explaining why he is reluctant to play 4-4-2:

I know all the stats. I read the stats. I know that we have won more with 4-4-2 in a diamond. But when you analyse the game, then we have twitched our ass on the bench.

I said to my players I was squeezing my ass, but it was the wrong expression. I have twitched my ass on the bench because we were out of balance. All the matches when we play 4-4-2, like against West Ham United, it was always twitching your ass. I don't like that.

We have won nine or 10 in a row, then we lose one match and then the discussion about the system is coming. It is ridiculous. Now I have answered your question in a very good way.

Obviously the analogy is getting all the attention, but look at that closing line. "Now I have answered your question in a very good way." That's you told.