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Ashley Young set for six weeks on sidelines

The hamstring injury he picked up on New Year's Day is apparently a bad one.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Sod's Law has struck poor Ashley Young down for six weeks. Well, that and the hamstring injury he picked up against Aston Villa on New Year's Day, just as the winger-turned-star-wing-back was enjoying some of the best form of his Manchester United career.

The recovery timeframe comes courtesy of an EXCLUSIVE in the Sun rather than from an official source, which means it may well not be completely accurate. However, given that United had previously warned that Youngy could be out for a few weeks, it's probably somewhere in the right ballpark.

The other bad news is that United's only other real first-team option at left-back, Luke Shaw, is also currently nursing an injury he picked up in the boxing match at Yeovil. While that isn't believed to be serious, Louis van Gaal could be forced into making some rather ... interesting selection decisions for the game at home to Southampton this weekend.