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VIDEO: Watch Anthony Martial's man-of-the-match France debut

Manchester United's Anthony Martial made his full debut for France last night, and made Denmark look moderately silly in the process.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Anthony Martial made his first start for France on Sunday evening. Coach Didier Deschamps stuck him out on the left wing against Denmark and was rewarded with a man of the match performance full of trickery, strength and clean, confident passing. He also set up the first goal with a cute through ball, though in the goal itself owes more to Kasper Schmeichel's iniquities than any French endeavour.

Anyway, Martial's great. Properly good. Here's one of those "individual highlights" videos that the kids enjoy, complete with an aggressively euphoric soundtrack. Perfect for a Monday morning, then. On mute.

Probably should have scored near the end, if we're being picky. Still, it's another mark in the 'this kid's properly, actually good' column, and another selection dilemma for Louis van Gaal. Do United play him up front in place of the underperforming Wayne Rooney, or out left in place of the underperforming Memphis Depay? Decisions, decisions ...