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Victor Valdes linked with move to Newcastle United, Manchester United wanted Napoli's Jorginho

Manchester United goalkeeper Victor Valdes has been linked with a move to Newcastle United, and Louis van Gaal has been linked with Jorginho of Napoli.

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Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

SId Lowe on ESPNFC has written about the miserable time Victor Valdes is having of things in Manchester. He'll almost certainly be off in the winter, and he's been linked with Newcastle United after Tim Krul's injury.

According to a Telegraph rumours round-up, Manchester United and Liverpool are both interested in Napoli player Jorginho, who I have never heard of but will pretend to know everything about should he join.

In the Mirror, Rio Ferdinand felt that there was a shortage of credit for him from Alex Ferguson, and also that he wanted to be the captain. Ferguson decided that Ferdinand's character might not have benefitted from effusive praise.

It has suggested that Memphis might like to knuckle down at Manchester United given his recent struggles, and Ryan Giggs has been suggested as a reasonable template in the Manchester Evenings News. Given Giggs struggled for much of his career, and was clearly the worst of the famous midfield four - and was known for timing his best performances when he needed a new contract - that's not necessarily the best example.

And after freeing England of his presence with injury, of course United will have a fit Wayne Rooney to ruin things for them against Everton, according to the Daily Mail.