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Manchester United have Michael Carrick ready for Premier League game against Arsenal

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is pleased to have midfielder Michael Carrick fit for the match against Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday.

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Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Louis van Gaal has praised Ashley Young, explaining that his versatility and willingness to play across the pitch is useful for him. He also has words of praise for Chris Smalling, while saying that he has had many different challenges across his career compared to Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, whose final jobs extended for more than two decades. You can read about that in the Guardian.

Roy Hodgson, in the Telegraph, has refused to say whether or not Wayne Rooney will be taken to Euro 2016. Of course he will. Rooney has got so far on so little contribution these last few years that another year of terrible form won't make a difference.

The Mirror have an account of United's pursuit of Thomas Muller of Bayern Munich, and it seems there was truth in the rumours ridiculous bids that they kept putting in despite Bayern's unwillingness to sell. Give it a year and then I suppose they'll try again.

Van Gaal is desperate to have Michael Carrick available for the match against Arsenal. Bastian Schweinsteiger has been fantastic this season, but his alternating presence with Carrick seems to be keeping them both in decent shape so far. That's in the Daily Mail.