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Jesse Lingard aims to make most of chance at Manchester United

Jesse Lingard aims to make most of chance at Manchester United, and Gary Neville analyses United's tactics against Everton

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On ESPNFC, the excellent Andy Mitten has taken the chance to talk about Ander Herrera seizing his opportunity at Manchester United at the weekend. As good as he has been, it is now up to him to perform like that each game, not every third appearance. Being given the trust and run of games to do so would be the best start for that to happen.

Samuel Luckhurst has a story in the Manchester Evening News about how Zoran Tosic and other signings summed up the damage done by the Glazers to United, and the mistruths expressed by Alex Ferguson and his loyal team of coaches/servants at the time.

Jesse Lingard wants to embrace his recent appearance for United, replacing Juan Mata at Everton. Well, can he be worse than Wayne Rooney? I think we all know the answer to that - look in the Mirror for the quotes.

On the Daily Mail, there's a summary of Gary Neville's tactical analysis of the change in tactics from Arsenal to Everton. It's obvious stuff, and the question should be why a supposedly excellent manager like Louis van Gaal keeps letting this happen.

Andi and I wrote for Soccer Gods on how Louis van Gaal is changing United into a cold and slightly dull side, compared to the fun and disaster of previous years.

And lastly, I also wrote about Wayne Rooney needing a year off, and why he should sit out the rest of the season for his own good - that's on World Soccer Talk.