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Match Ratings: CSKA Moscow 1-1 Manchester United - Anthony Martial shines for United

Anthony Martial was again the stand-out performer for Manchester United. Here are the match ratings for the Frenchman and his team-mates.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

David de Gea - 7

A couple of excellent saves, one from distance and one from the penalty spot - even if it was later tapped in from the rebound. There's not much point having such control in a match if the defence and midfield can't concentrate for the whole match. I feel sorry for him.

Antonio Valencia - 4

A complete waste of time on the right when it comes to attacking, it gave viewers a grim memory of last season. He only has one foot, and he can't cross accurately with it anywhere near often enough. He was solid enough in defence, but that really should not be enough to keep him in the squad. His presence is testament to the work that still has to be done in the transfer windows.

Marcos Rojo - 5

Is Luke Shaw able to stand up unaided yet? If so, it might be worth bringing him back.

Chris Smalling - 6

The same as ever. He coped well enough with the attack when it came near them, but his passing is so lacking that he was unable to launch attacks in the way that Rio Ferdinand used to, or Daley Blind has done occasionally this season. He deserves his first-choice status.

Phil Jones - 10

Did not suffer any amputations.

Bastian Schweinsteiger - 6

Unhurried and unfussed, this was a typical Schweinsteiger performance, and he kept the ball without hassle. He is United's finest midfielder and he would look even better with a striker worth playing ahead of him. There's not much you can do if there's no movement ahead of you. That United have him and ask him to do so little is like using a chainsaw to clip your cigars.

Morgan Schneiderlin - 6

Standard. Broke up play, kept the ball, struggled - as Schweinsteiger did - with the counter-attacks from CSKA, but that is more down to tactics and the impressive performance from their forwards more than anything desperately worrying.

Jesse Lingard - 6

He didn't look out of place, and that's because he wasn't especially good. He didn't embarrass himself though, and there is obviously a player there who deserves more chances in the first team to find his true level. As he gains experience, it would be hoped that he can make more of an impact on games, but for now it is very useful to have a player who can spread the workload from week to week.

Anthony Martial - 8

An exceptional header. Well placed and bravely taken, the equaliser didn't seem to be coming until he got involved. Martial doesn't just score goals, he scores important ones. He appears, on admittedly limited evidence, to be a rare talent. He should be Manchester United's striker, such is touch, strength, speed, finishing, skill and temperament.

Ander Herrera - 7

Energetic and constructive, able to play through balls to the right wing that were then wasted. There is an alternative universe where United bought a grown-up striker in the summer and Herrera didn't stop smiling, and has countless assists and many beautiful women. However, we're in the one with...

Wayne Rooney - 0


Marouane Fellaini - 6

He began in midfield after replacing Schweinsteiger, but as CSKA sat back to absorb pressure, he figured increasingly in the penalty box. Always useful as a target man, United need players who can find his head with crosses for him to be truly effective. His familiar disruptive presence was a handy addition to United, if not especially edifying.

Daley Blind - 6

Blind came on midway through the second half to replace the struggling Rojo. With that came a far more settled defence for United, but a lot of that might have been due to CSKA tiring and looking to contain their lead. Blind, as he usually does in any position on the pitch, looked comfortable with the ball and able to retain possession.

Memphis - 6

Brought on to replace Lingard, he offered little, but had only a small chance to make an impact.