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Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney under pressure says Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes has criticised Wayne Rooney and his team for yet another terrible performance, saying that Manchester United's captain is under pressure as a result.

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In the Guardian, you can read about Anthony Martial impressing Louis van Gaal. Martial is the most exciting player that United have at the moment - if not the best, obviously - and United are probably one central defender and one truly excellent forward from having a properly tasty side.

Paul Scholes that Wayne Rooney is under pressure. On BT last night, it was clear that everyone in pundit-land is running out of excuses for Rooney. They demanded that Rooney have the team built around, and more be done for him, ignoring that the fact that given he is supposedly so talented, he shouldn't have to have the team built around him to be effective. Nor does not being able to control the ball, pass or run have anything to do with tactics. You can read that on ESPNFC.

The Telegraph has correctly identified that United still lack a cutting edge. Last night that was partly Rooney's fault, partly the removal of Bastian Schweinsteiger, the poor contribution from either full-back, and the presence of the inexperienced Jesse Lingard.

More brilliant team management from Van Gaal, who said that Martial's handball was 'stupid'. Nothing like protecting your players in public, eh. That's in the Mirror.

And lastly, in my Champions League blog for Yahoo, I've decided that Van Gaal has probably taken United as far as he can do.