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Louis van Gaal declares Manchester City derby favourites

The Manchester United manager has been saying some interesting things in his pre-match press conference. Or maybe just some things.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Louis van Gaal held his usual pre-match press conference on Friday, and we're back to bring you some of the best bits. We won't be keeping you for very long: another week marked by the absence of witty soundbites in garbled English means that José Mourinho is well on his way to reclaiming his crown as the Premier League's top entertainer. And Chelsea aren't going to win the Premier League this year, so we fully understand he's turning his attention to rather more attainable targets.

Anyway, van Gaal may not have said funny things but he did undeniably say some things, which we bring to you via the Mirror's handy live blog. The closest thing to a headline-grabber to dribble from our manager's mouth was his ADMISSION THAT MANCHESTER CITY ARE DERBY FAVOURITES. He also pointed out that it was a fairly silly question, but reporting that means the media won't be able to praise him/criticise him for mind-games/negativity when things go excellently/horribly on Sunday. So we're ignoring that bit.

"You have to ask the fans who are the favourites. It's not so important who is the favourite. When you look at the facts, they are first and we are second or third. There is also the goal difference and theirs is better. They are first so they are the favourites I think."

He rather endearingly also spoke of the importance of the derby using a nice English collocation, describing it as the "talk of the town":

"I think for the fans, it's very emotional. I live in a little village and there it is also the talk of the town. I think in Manchester it is more."

Given that Wayne Rooney turns 30 this weekend, van Gaal was also questioned on the longevity of Our Glorious Captain:

"It's dependent on the player. You cannot predict that. How he lives for his professional, how strong he is, how ambitious he is. It's always dependent on a lot of factors. So we will have to see."

This is Rooney that we're talking about, so we're thinking he could go some time not 'living for his professional' (whatever that means), not be very strong, nor be especially ambitious, and still be waddling around United's starting lineup. He really does seem undroppable.

And finally, injury news. Van Gaal confirmed that the only injuries remaining are those to Luke Shaw and Paddy McNair, though Ashley Young won't be risked while he gets up to full fitness.