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Ander Herrera: I want Manchester United to beat City for the fans

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera says that he wants to win the Manchester Derby against City so that fans can go out in the city to enjoy victory.

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Ander Herrera wants to win the derby tomorrow so fans can go out in town to celebrate. That's in the Manchester Evening News and yes, it is a slow news day.

The Mirror's transfer round-up says that Sadio Mane will be available only if United double their last bid to about twenty or thirty million quid.

Louis van Gaal says the lack of a winter break is 'evil', demonstrating that his English is still not quite right. Fair enough, though, my Dutch is absolutely appalling, so it's not for me to really criticise. That's in the Guardian.

Who cares?

Really, who cares?

Alex Shaw has said that we should not forget the significant period of time - half a decade - when Wayne Rooney was brilliant or close to it. He is correct, but the time for nostalgia is for when a player has officially retired, not when he has only done so but remains on the pitch. That's on ESPNFC.