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Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City - Match Ratings: Rooney gets 0/10

The match ratings for Manchester United's players, including Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney, for their goalless draw against Manchester City.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

David de Gea - 6

He didn't have anything to do, except occasionally boot the ball away from a backpass. In this, he was faultless. Well done, David!

Antonio Valencia - 6

He was far more attacking than he had been in many of his recent appearances, but he once again struggled to deliver a single meaningful cross. He pulled up with 10 minutes to go with an injury, but it didn't seem especially serious. Valencia delivered an utterly reliable performance, and coped well with City's attack, as disinterested as it was in scoring.

Chris Smalling - 7

Stood up well to the occasionally counter-attacks that City mustered, and contributed to clearing a few set pieces from Kevin De Bruyne. Given United's determination to, at most, win by a single goal, they need a defence that concentrated for the full 90 minutes, and he gave them that.

Phil Jones - 6

Didn't slip up on a stray banana skin and break both his legs.

Marcos Rojo - 6

Had so little to do I forgot about him.

Bastian Schweinsteiger - 6

As usual, he wasn't given the chance to see out the full 90 minutes, but of those he was on the pitch for, he teamed up well with Morgan Schneiderlin to form a solid defensive shield which was rarely breached, and kept the ball well when under pressure. There was little to do in attack, given Wayne Rooney's contribution, but he and Anthony Martial worked well on the left wing.

Morgan Schneiderlin - 6

Just as important as Schweinsteiger, he offers essential mobility, but it appears that his passing is improving, and he is starting to take more responsibility with more ambitious passes. He did all he could have been expected to do, but in a team aiming to do so little in attack, that wasn't a great deal.

Ander Herrera - 6

A quiet game, but again, he didn't do a great deal wrong. Ahead of him there was little to work with, and City's defence were organised and sat deep. He fluffed a chance that was difficult to control in the second half, winning a corner from a shot that he might have taken earlier, but otherwise he contributed to the defensive effort throughout the match. If he had a striker ahead of him, he might offer more, and this wasn't the game where a late run into the box was really possible very often.

Anthony Martial - 8

He's currently excellent. United's best player, willing to take on players from the wing, draw fouls and win free-kicks in dangerous positions. He's strong and quick, and doesn't get barged off the ball when in tight spots. He is everything a striker should be, and he is playing on the left-wing. From there, he even managed to set up Jesse Lingard for what could have been the winning chance.

Juan Mata - 6

He did little, but worked well with Ander Herrera and Antonio Valencia on the right. With Rooney, there's not much that can be done, anyway. Mata has a tendency to score important goals but was quiet in the match. In defence, he offered plenty of willing obstruction and discipline.

Wayne Rooney - cabbage

Slow, can't control, can't pass, is a liability, can't shoot and shouldn't be on the pitch.


Marouane Fellaini - 6

When he came on in place of Schweinsteiger, it was a time to be fearful that this lumbering galoot would prevent United from keeping a clean sheet, but he was an effective presence, getting in the way and keeping hold of the ball. He even assisted Smalling from a set piece, which might have provided the winner. There's no reason why even he is not a better option than Rooney up front, or even as an inside left.

Jesse Lingard - 6

As in midweek against CSKA Moscow, he performed as if he were used to being a United player. He overran the ball once with a little too much eagerness, but he almost scored the winner when attempting to lift the ball over Joe Hart with a deft lob. It could be that Louis van Gaal is introducing him slowly to establish a pool of players who won't need Rooney for much longer.

Matteo Darmian - 6

Like Valencia above, but Italian.