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Manchester United's Victor Valdes linked again with Newcastle United transfer

Manchester United goalkeeper Victor Valdes has been again linked with a transfer to Newcastle United.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Victor Valdes remains interested in a move to Newcastle United, with Newcastle without the long-term injury for Tim Krul. He's more widely keen to stay in the Premier League too. That's not very interesting, is it? It's in the Mirror.

Wayne Rooney should adapt to a midfield position, says Xavi. He should Xavi, but he absolutely can't, so it's a moot point. That's in the Daily Mail, and is demonstrative of the poor quality of the news.

Louis van Gaal says that several Manchester United players are 'in the red zone' after a number of games that have come in quick succession. Tonight is the Carling Cup against Middlesbrough, and so we can expect a few young players to feature tonight, like Andreas Pereira and James Wilson. That's in the Manchester Evening News.

Anyway, this is a very poor haul. Tonight we will have coverage of the match against Middlesbrough. Let's hope that's more interesting, eh?