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Louis van Gaal: I would not tolerate Arsene Wenger's failure to win at Arsenal

Ahead of Manchester United's Premier League clash against Arsenal, manager Louis van Gaal has said he could not stand the idea of failing to win the league for as long as Arsene Wenger.

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Louis van Gaal is now confident that he can stay at the top of the Premier League with Manchester United should his side enjoy victory over Arsenal on Sunday, saying that the belief will, 'raise a lot,' should they succeed. Any result seems possible tomorrow, given Arsenal and United's various weaknesses and strengths. Van Gaal has also said he wouldn't be able to go 11 years without a title, but it wasn't a Mourinho-esque barb. All this is in the Guardian.

Alex Ferguson will manage David Beckham at a charity game in November's international break. That's all there is to say about that one. It's a dull story, but not much is going on. That's in the Telegraph.

In the Daily Mail, there's confirmation that Donald Love - an excellent name, but he's not a Brazilian, sadly - is going on loan for a couple of months at Wigan Athletic.

Wayne Rooney, in the Mirror, says he has now learned to control his emotions. It's just a shame that it appears to have come at the expense of knowing how to control a football. Just imagine how exciting this side could be if Rooney got back to somewhere close to the top of his ability. He was an exceptional player, and one who in theory should be able to be vital to the side for a couple of years left.

Lastly, the excellent John Brewin has written on ESPNFC about the importance of Daley Blind to Manchester United, so you should read that.