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Manchester United linked with bid for Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Kane

Tottenham striker Harry Kane is the subject of transfer interest from Manchester United as they seek a replacement for Wayne Rooney.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Paul Wilson in the Guardian suggests that Wayne Rooney should be given a rest, which is correct. Something needs to be tried, and it isn't giving him even more time on the pitch at the moment. It would be easier to do this had United acted properly in the transfer window, and got a fully stocked squad.

Joe Jordan says that Rooney should be judged on more than his goals. That's a shame for Rooney, as his passing, sprinting, control, intelligence in the match and defensive performance have also all suffered. What's the next excuse, then? That's in the Mirror.

Ah, here is the next excuses. Rene Meulensteen, last seen failing in management, and Paul Scholes, last seen saying what his Co92 friend Ryan Giggs needs him to, say Rooney isn't getting the freedom he needs. Right. There is just never going to be an end to the excuses made for Rooney. He could be dead and people would still say he just needs time. That's on ESPNFC.

And lastly, in the Manchester Evening News, is the rumour that Harry Kane remains on United's radar and another move could be made for him in the summer of 2016. United certainly need someone else.