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Van Gaal surprised by Manchester United defeat to Arsenal but confident of comeback

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal was surprised by his players' poor performance in their defeat against Arsenal but is confident they can bounce back. Aha!

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Louis van Gaal, who spent the summer alienating key players, including David de Gea, and also isolating Victor Valdes and Robin van Persie, was amazed that his players did not show the will to win against Arsenal, and was surprised they were not able to stick to their team plan. Well, it's easier to have your player approach a game with commitment if they're happy with the manager, isn't it? That's in the Daily Mail.

Van Gaal isn't too disheartened, and says that United have come back from defeats in the past, and can come back from this one too. He's correct. If United can negotiate the next few matches of Everton, Manchester City and Crystal Palace with five points, they then have a very easy run ahead of themselves for the next couple of months. There's no guarantee of that - the Arsenal defence was huge missed chance to beat Arsenal in the traditional manner. You can read about Van Gaal's quotes in the Manchester Evening News.

Anthony Martial - currently United's best player - was also subject of a bid from another English club according to the Daily Mail. The club is rumoured to be Chelsea, but it's immaterial. Lots of clubs almost sign lots of players, that's how it works. Unless there's some grand disaster - Real Madrid attempting to buy De Gea for example - then it's not that funny.

Lastly, we here at the Busby Babe would like to thank Brendan Rodgers for all his good work at Liverpool. It has been hilarious, and even in the David Moyes season, he gave us something to laugh about.