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Memphis confident he can overcome slow Manchester United start

Manchester United winger Memphis is confident that he can overcome the slow start to his Manchester United career.

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Memphis Depay, in the Daily Mail, has acknowledged that he has struggled in his early Manchester United career. He's said that it's been hard to adjust to the physical demands in the Premier League. A lot of people have written him off already, which is pretty pathetic. Players should get a proper chance, at least.

Ravel Morrison as admitted that the reason he failed at United was no mistreatment on the club's part, but that he failed to knuckle down and take training seriously. He says that, if anything, he was given too many chances. He's now at Lazio, where he was recently seen tweeting his lack of interest in learning Italian. That's in the Telegraph.

On ESPNFC, there's some quotes from Cristiano Ronaldo about Alex Ferguson being a father figure to him, which makes it pretty sad that Ferguson is well capable of having utterly miserable relationships with some of his other excellent players.

Speaking of which, David Beckham asked Roy Keane if he fancied playing under Ferguson at the upcoming UNICEF match. Unsurprisingly  this was met with a rejection, such is the antipathy between the two. However the reason is a little boring, given that Keane might be busy with Ireland. You can read about that in the Mirror.