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Manchester United 2015-16 rolling squad review: Goalkeepers

We've been assessing the performances of David de Gea, Sergio Romero, Victor Valdés and Sam Johnstone over the first few games of the season.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The international break's a good time to sit back and reflect on the past few weeks of domestic ongoings, or at the very least a time for headline-starved bloggers to wheel out their tried and tested post formats in an admirable but ultimately futile attempt to keep the clicks coming. And here, indeed, are we. The squad reviews are back, starting with the goalkeepers. Here's how United's men between the sticks have fared through the first couple of months of the season:

David de Gea

Lesser players would have been visibly miffed by being benched by Louis van Gaal for the first few games of the season, and been utterly inconsolable at the collapse of their big deadline day move to Real Madrid. But if de Gea is irked, he certainly hasn't shown it. The Spaniard has been utterly professional on and off the field, and produced a few characteristically brilliant saves in the process. He remains United's only truly world class player, and we're already fearfully counting down the days until he finally does get that move home.

Sergio Romero

There's something faintly ridiculous about describing professional goalkeepers as "shot-stoppers," just as it'd be strange to describe a baker as being "good with bread." But then again, there's something faintly ridiculous about Sergio Romero: a World Cup finalist who can one moment make a great instinctive save, and the next allow the ball to trickle inside his near post. Like Wayne Rooney, he seems to be at his best when he doesn't have time to think; and though he's a fine backup, he should never be United's number one.

Víctor Valdés

He was very possibly treated poorly by van Gaal, and there's something obviously petty about the second-best goalkeeper at the club having no squad number. However, he reacted to the mysterious events like a petulant child, and his departure from the club is even more inevitable than de Gea's. Ultimately, he won't be missed.

Sam Johnstone

Excellent benchwarming technique. He's clearly one to keep an eye on.