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Watch Wayne Rooney slap WWE star Wade Barrett

Wayne Rooney made a guest appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw, and slapped wrestler Wade Barrett.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Now, we here at TBB know almost nothing about the world of professional wrestling, but we hear the kids like it. So this morning we bring you a video of Wayne Rooney hitting the target for almost the first time this season, slapping a tall man called Wade Barrett on something called WWE Monday Night Raw. It seems that Roy Keane's favourite Ashley Young isn't the only budding actor in the United dressing room.

If only football was scripted too, maybe then Rooney would've delivered a few more knockout blows than he has of late. And, if our glorious captain is thinking about a future career inside the ring, we offer him wholehearted encouragement in his endeavour. Indeed, seeing someone else paying him eyewatering money for wooden performances would be quite the novelty.