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Manchester United's quarterly revenues soar

Manchester United remain on course to post record revenues for the year.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

In the words of the O'Jays, money money money money, money. Manchester United's quarterly revenues to the end of September went up by almost 40% to £123.6m, with the BBC reporting that the figure was boosted by a return to Champions League action and sales of the new replica kit. This news means United remain on course to post record annual revenues in excess of £500m.

In quotes that could well have been copied and pasted from our last article on United's quarterly revenues, vice-chairman Ed Woodward said the figures illustrated "the continued strength of our businesses." United apparently added four new sponsors during the quarter, including a "Digital Transformation partner." No idea. The only bad new seems to be that profit for the period seems to be down £5m, though that's thanks to the sale of Danny Welbeck to Arsenal last summer.

Maybe we should forget the football, and just watch the markets instead. It seems that's been Woodward's motto ever since taking charge, and it's not done him any harm.