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Chelsea weigh up transfer for Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney

Manchester United and England captain Wayne Rooney has been linked with a transfer to Chelsea.

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Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

In the Telegraph, there are quotes from Arjen Robben, telling Memphis that he will have to learn to deal with criticism, especially at a club as big as Manchester United. It's a perfectly reasonable piece of advice, and its lack of novelty is because we're in international week, when nothing fun happens.

In the Guardian, there's something from David de Gea, who says he is happy at United and grateful to Louis van Gaal. It's going to sting even more when he joins Real Madrid, because we're now being subjected to another season of hope.

And here we are: on ESPNFC there's a transfer round-up that suggests that Real Madrid still want De Gea. It's going to happen, it's going to happen, it's going to happen.

There's a story in the Manchester Evening News that Adnan Januzaj will not return to United during the winter transfer break, but will stay in Germany for the full season.  There's not much to say about that except like it looks like his career isn't going anywhere, and neither is he.

Lastly, in the Mirror, there's a story that Chelsea are considering a bid for Wayne Rooney. Rooney and Radamel Falcao up front, imagine! Imagine if someone tries that again!