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Manchester United squad review: James Wilson and Anthony Martial

We've been looking at how Anthony Martial and James Wilson have been faring since the last international break.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The problem with Manchester United's forwards, or rather one of the problems with the forwards, is there are hardly any of them. Wayne Rooney was covered in the midfielder section here, but the appraisal from Jack Sargeant now is entirely reasonable one that could be applied to him as a striker. That leaves Louis van Gaal with not many to choose from.

Anthony Martial

As he showed in the game for France at the weekend, he has the strength, pace and technique to beat defenders, carry the ball at speed and also tee up his colleagues for goals. He doesn't score as many as he did at the start of his career, but much of that will be because United don't create a great deal of chances anyway. A potentially brilliant player, who isn't quite getting the opportunity his side should be affording him.

James Wilson

It's been so long since he's been seen that it's impossible to say who he is anymore. He needs to be sent out on loan, or Rooney needs to be dropped from the first team and the subs for him to get a chance. That's not likely at all. If United make a move for Ayoze Perez, he and Victor Valdes might make their way there, and Wilson could be a handy tool for bargaining, replacing Perez on loan for the rest of the season. Or he could just be ignored forever, wither and die.