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Cristiano Ronaldo unhappy at Real Madrid and could return to Manchester United

Manchester United could make a move for Cristiano Ronaldo as his time at Real Madrid seems to be coming to an end.

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It is rarely fair to ask footballers for their opinions on geopolitical situations. They are told repeatedly by agents and others to take the path of least resistance, and avoid upsetting anyone. It's fair enough, in many ways, but occasionally something like the attacks in France happen and they are then obliged to utter supportive words in extreme circumstances. In the Guardian, you can read Wayne Rooney dealing well with the requirements of discussing the problems France and the French team have recently faced, ahead of the game between them and England tonight.

In the Telegraph, there's some good news. Michael Carrick was expected to be out for a long period of time after damaging ligaments in England's friendly last week, but now it appears that he could return in a matter of weeks. He's not the important figure he once was, and you'd imagine he'll leave next summer now that he's playing less, but in a busy period it's a boon to have him around as soon as possible.

In the Daily Mail, there's the latest rumblings from Cristiano Ronaldo's camp as he ramps up the chat over his next move. Of course, he could yet stay at Real Madrid, but it certainly appears that he's open to a move away and so the complaints are starting to leak out. Expect him to join United or PSG, depending on money and motivation.

On ESPNFC, Xavi Hernandez has some kind words about his old Barcelona boss, Louis van Gaal, who he initially considered, 'an idiot.' It's nice to be nice, now.

And lastly, in the Manchester Evening News, there's a story on how United might benefit from their international break. In grim circumstances, clearly, there's also the fact that Spain vs Belgium has been cancelled, and Bastian Schweinsteiger has dropped out of Germany's match too, which will have given them a little more rest than usual.