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Manchester United striker crisis: Rooney and Martial both injured

We don't know who Manchester United will be playing up front against Watford, but it won't be Wayne Rooney or Anthony Martial.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

There is an ancient Chinese curse that says: he who embarks on a Premier League season without sufficient depth at striker, must not be surprised when he ends up with no teeth. And the truth of this maxim has been proved once again, as Manchester United will return from the international break in something of a state.

Still, at least James Wilson has spent the beginning of the season making regular substitute appearances and occasional starts against weaker team, ensuring that he's ready to step up and play.


Still, looking on the bright side, Van Gaal is apparently hopeful that both Rooney and Martial will be back to face PSV on Wednesday — not bad considering the latter was on crutches Tuesday night — and that Carrick will be back sooner than has been reported. Hooray for all that.