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How can Manchester United defeat Watford in their Premier League match?

Watford fan Michael Moruzzi examines how Watford and Manchester United could play against one another and succeed in their Premier League match.

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I asked Michael Moruzzi, handsome football blogger and Watford fan, about the game tomorrow. He kindly answered a few questions for us

What do you think is Watford's best way to succeed tomorrow?

There's a positive correlation between Watford scoring goals and winning matches, so this is where they should focus. The most successful tactic so far has been to get the ball to Troy Deeney and Odion Ighalo and let them do the rest.But, Watford don't score freely, and to create chances they will need to prevent United's midfield from dominating posession. Etienne Capoue and Ben Watson both need to have a very strong performances in Watford's mifield if they are to win this one.

At the other end, Watford's defence has been incredible this season. Arsenal are the only team to really open them up and that was in the last 25 minutes of their game at Vicarage Road. But, with United's aversion to pace the danger of being ripped apart on the counter seems fairly low.

Would you swap Ighalo for Wayne Rooney?

Not if you begged me.


See previous answer.

Who should United fans worry about on the Watford side?

It is obvious to say so , but Odion Ighalo is genuinely very good and not some Championship clogger on a lucky streak. That said, his progress in the past year has been remarkable. In the first few months of last season he was easily the least effective of Watford's four strikers. On current form he looks capable of scoring against anyone. Everytime he receives the ball in the box he has the confidence to try and create the space for a shot, and his finishing is very reliable. He is particularly dangerous when he isolates his marker in a one v one situation. There's no great trickery involved, but several centre-backs have ended up on their backsides this season after being deceived by his movement.

However, Etienne Capoue is arguably more influential than Ighalo. Widely regarded as a flop at Spurs, he has been one of Watford's best players so far. There's been no hint of a suspect attitude - quite the opposite - it's hard to think of any players who have worked harder.

As United's strikers are all dead, how could United succeed against Watford?

Counter attacking generally works well when Watford are at home. They struggle to break down teams that get men behind the ball, and West Brom, Southampton and Crystal Palace all left Vicarage Road with clean sheets. Not that I'm comparing United to West Brom, but I kind of just did. Capoue sees more of the ball than any other Watford player and is the most likely playmaker in the team, so if you stop him there's a good chance you stop Watford.

What's your prediction?

Watford to win a boring game 1-0.

You can follow Michael on Twitter on @Regista_Michael