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Terrible Manchester United booed off against PSV

Manchester United were booed off by their fans after a 0-0 draw with PSV Eindhoven in their Champions League match

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester United fans booed their side off the pitch after a miserable 0-0 draw with PSV Eindhoven.

United are now at risk of falling out of the Champions League. If PSV win their game against CSKA Moscow in the next round, and Manchester United fail to win their match, they will drop down into the Europa League.

Louis van Gaal started the poor performance by brining the wretched and awful Wayne Rooney back into the game after he missed the victory against Watford. Juan Mata, United's most consistent goalscorer and creator for the last two seasons was dropped, because Van Gaal hates fun, joy and success.

But most of all he hates absolutely all of us, he has no time for the fans and their petty requests for asking football to distract us from the nothingness in our hearts and all around us. Instead, it's this pragmatic, turgid nonsense that reminds us that when it all comes down to it for these people, Van Gaal and the Glazers, it's spreadsheets, scatter graphs, badly browned mince, and misery.

United will probably qualify, but Van Gaal is taking pointless risks to make United boring. Van Gaal out!