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Roy Keane and Paul Scholes criticise Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial

Manchester United's former midfielders Roy Keane and Paul Scholes criticised Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial, respectively, for their performances against PSV and this season.

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In the Guardian, following the disappointment of the match against PSV, Paul Wilson notes that too much has been asked of Jesse Lingard. That's true. It might be nice if something more was being asked of the captain Wayne Rooney, but we all know that's not going to happen.

Paul Scholes is an absolute waste of time as a pundit. Here he is, quotes in the Telegraph, slagging off Anthony Martial. Martial might have his weaknesses, but his application isn't in doubt (yet, given there is no evidence otherwise), and you have to imagine he's just saying what Ryan Giggs is telling him to. The sooner the Class of 92 and Phil Neville disappear from anything to do with Manchester United, the better.

Roy Keane is a far better pundit, being the first willing to say that Wayne Rooney looks 'awful'. That's covered by the Daily Mail. It's nice to know that Keane continues to have absolutely no interest in maintaining cordial relations with past colleagues.

In the Mirror, there's reaction from Rooney to the draw against PSV, where he says that United are running out of excuses. They ran out of excuses at the end of the season, really, but at least this equivocation allows them to buy a touch more time, which was probably its purpose.

How depressing.