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Unnamed player: "At Manchester United, I'm half the player I could be"

According to reports, at least one Manchester United player feels he's being actively diminished by United's style of play.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Mutiny! Mutiny!

Hot on the heels of United's appallingly dull nil-nil draw with PSV Eindhoven comes a tantalising (though sadly anonymous) snippet from the Telegraph's Jason Burt, who we think is pretty reliable. Speaking to the BBC last night, he told them that:

I've spoken to one player at United who told me he's half the player he can be, here, at the moment, because of the way they're playing. He doesn't feel it's fair on him, he doesn't feel it's fair for the fans, he can't express himself properly and he finds it very difficult to play here.

Then, on whether United's young players feel able to go to Van Gaal and tell him that he's not getting the best out of them.

Absolutely not. They may go to some of the senior players and ask them to go to Van Gaal on their behalf, but I don't think they'll be doing that.

So ... who do we reckon this is? TBB's first guess would be poor, exiled-to-the-wing Juan Mata, were it not for the fact that we can't imagine the little Spaniard ever being publicly disloyal. If this had been a story about an unhappy United player going home and listening to Arcade Fire records really loudly, then yes, absolutely.

Who else, then? Schneiderlin? Fellaini? Be funny if it were Rooney.