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Liverpool rival Manchester United for Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller

According to reports, Liverpool want to beat Manchester United to the signature of Bayern Munich's Thomas Muller.

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Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

James Wilson has gone to Brighton on loan for the rest of the season, which is good news. Louis van Gaal doesn't get the chance to ruin his career in Van Gaal's last season at United. That's in the Guardian.

In the Telegraph, there's a story that Liverpool fancy their chances in getting Thomas Muller from Bayern Munich ahead of Manchester United. OK.

In the Mail, even the woeful Neil Ashton is now able to safely and correctly criticise Van Gaal's work at United. That's how bad things have got. Neil Ashton!

On ESPNFC, the excellent Andy Mitten has written about fan frustration at the complete rubbish they are having to watch. It seems like things have turned against Van Gaal significantly. Leicester is a huge match. A defeat could see some fairly open and strenuous dissent.

In the Mirror, there's a story that Ronald Koeman says that Sadio Mane is not for sale. Regardless of whether that is true or not, that is exactly what he would have to say in this situation, to make sure he gets the best price.