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A Leicester City fan previews the Premier League match against Manchester United

We spoke to Leicester City fan, journalist and author Roger Domeneghetti about his side and the Premier League match against Manchester United'

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Do you find it hard cheering Jamie Vardy after his racist abuse?

We're all products of the society we grow up in and I wouldn't be surprised if Jamie Vardy has, from time to time, picked up a copy of The Sun. It is more than likely that it's from that publication that he learned the phrase 'Jap' and why he, wrongly, considers it acceptable. Vardy used the term on just one occasion for which he unreservedly apologised. On the other hand, The Sun which broke the 'story' about Vardy's abuse uses the term repeatedly and regularly in headlines (just check out their website) something for which they have never apologised. It makes you wonder who the racists really are. So, in answer to your question: no, I don't find it hard at all.

Assuming it isn't Vardy for the reason above, who has been the most enjoyable player for Leicester this season?

Watching Leicester this season, and at the tail end of last, has been great. We have become a highly entertaining attacking unit and one of the key reasons for that is Riyad Mahrez. Somewhat overshadowed by Vardy's goalscoring exploits, Mahrez is in many respects more important to Leicester as he pulls the strings. On current form he is ranked the second best player in Europe behind only Neymar. Vardy is 6th, rubbish really when you think about it...

Do you think Claudio Ranieri has the tactical nous to beat United?

Absolutely. The way people spoke about Ranieri when he was appointed by Leicester you would think he was Joe Kinnear in disguise. True, he had a nightmare at Greece but look at the Italian's club record and there is a record of consistent success. Of course that includes the now oft mentioned hattrick of wins in just 10 days over Louis Van Gaal's Barcelona when Ranieri was at Valencia.

Will you please buy Wayne Rooney from us?

That's a very kind offer but I doubt Rooney would want to join a club where he would spend most of his time warming the bench.

What's your prediction for the game between Leicester and United?

Leicester start at their usual high tempo and grab an early opener. They may even go two up before United pull one back.So, 2-1 to Leicester or 1-1.

Roger is the author of From the Back Page to the Front Room: Football's Journey Through the English Media available at